Compilation Instructions

The code can be found here: https://codeberg.org/x11cp/x11cp.git

git clone https://codeberg.org/x11cp/x11cp.git && cd x11cp/src/xwpick

Direct compilation

To compile this application, the following command should be used:

xmkmf -a && make

Toplevel Makefile

There is also a wrapper command in the top-level `Makefile` of the repository where this is can be run as:

make xwpick


xwpick is a screenshot grabber for a specific window or the root window.

It’s similar to xwd but written earlier than that.

What’s interesting about this program is that it inherently supports a number of output formats:

psAn Encapsulated PostScript file with a compressed image. The image is centered, rotated and scaled to fill the maximum space on a page. It is displayed in color on viewers and printers that support color Postscript, otherwise it is displayed as grayscale. This format is convenient for transparency preparation.
epsAlso an Encapsulated PostScript file with a compressed image, but the image is only centered, not rotated and scaled. It is intended for insertion into a document.
epsiSame as eps but contains a black and white preview
gifGraphics Interchange Format (GIF). Use this format when you want to keep files or transfer them to other computers. It is also convenient for visualisations, for example, with xv by John Bradley.
ppmPPM format from the PBM Plus library by Jef Poskanzer. Use it and a routine from the PBM Plus library if you wish to have the image in a format not mentioned above.

xwpick can optionally capture window borders if the mouse is selected in that region, otherwise the window content is captured instead.