Compilation Instructions

The code can be found here: https://codeberg.org/x11cp/x11cp.git

git clone https://codeberg.org/x11cp/x11cp.git && cd x11cp/src/xmoontool

Direct compilation

To compile this application, the following command should be used:


Toplevel Makefile

There is also a wrapper command in the top-level `Makefile` of the repository where this is can be run as:

make xmoontool

The following libraries/dependencies are also required. The names of these will vary from each Linux distribution/BSD, hence the names of these libraries are generically specified:


NOTE: this application requires an 8-bit color depth display to run.

This will mean running this inside a Xephyr session

xmoontool is anapplication displaying real time information about the moon.

When it is iconified, it shows what the moon looks like in the sky (see screenshots).

This only works on 8-bit colour-depth displays due to how the XVisuals are used to render the pixmaps.

Interestingly, the following books were used as a mathematical aid for the program to calculate moon things:

The red dot you can see on the iconified window is commemorative, showing Tranquility Base, to mark the 20th anniversary of Apollo 11 (at the time).

What lunatics!