Compilation Instructions

The code can be found here:

git clone && cd x11cp/src/xinvest

Direct compilation

To compile this application, the following command should be used:

xmkmf -a && make

Toplevel Makefile

There is also a wrapper command in the top-level `Makefile` of the repository where this is can be run as:

make xinvest

The following libraries/dependencies are also required. The names of these will vary from each Linux distribution/BSD, hence the names of these libraries are generically specified:


xinvest program which provides personal finance tracking and performance capabilities.

The financial data was stored separately in an external text file, and once loaded into #Xinvest, could then be used to draw charts, perform financial forecasting, etc. (The panel on the top-left shows the format).

There appears to be support for CDE. It looks as though it hooked into CDE’s session manager so it could be launched under CDE.